Meinungen von Kursteilnehmern


»This course is offered by a trained Ayurveda doctor and is therefore not comparable with any of the training courses currently offered in Germany. Syal Kumar has acquired his knowledge of this fascinating, traditional medical customer through family tradition, extensive studies at recognized Indian universities and through his own practical, clinical experience. He teaches Ayurveda in a traditional way that allows deep insights into ancient knowledge, culture and methods that are still valid today. The abundance of Sanskrit terms is often exhausting, but necessary to understand the origin and application of the terminology. The first part of this training consists essentially of theory, which is loosened up by informative documentaries and personal experience reports. In the second part, what has been learned is applied to clinical aspects. Patient case demonstrations make this part interesting, of course, especially for the clinician. The course is supplemented by a comprehensive script. This Ayurvedic training conveys a completely new view of the diverse therapeutic possibilities of this impressive science. It is essential to distinguish this training from esoteric treatment concepts and pure Ayurvedic wellness, which is misunderstood as authentic Ayurveda and accordingly incorrectly taught, especially in Europe and the USA. In order to support the importance and the correct application of traditional Indian medicine as a complementary medical treatment concept, I can only recommend this course. " Dr. med. Christine Wilson

»I am very grateful to Dr.Kumar for imparting authentic Ayurveda, which is linked to his clinical experience with patients from our culture. In direct patient contact, I really appreciate his clarity and his empathetic nature. For me, pharmacology is particularly interesting, with texts that are currently only available in Malayalam. " Dr. med. Peter Krannich General practitioner, naturopathic medicine Freiburg

»This concentrated training in Ayurveda medicine is demanding and pleasantly different from the usual" What am I? - Vata - Pitta - Kapha? " Nonsense, which is often sold in wellness Ayurveda. Forehead fanatics and passionate ghe drinkers will be disappointed, because Ayurveda medicine is not a simple "alternative medicine". Ayurvedic medicine classes are based on the college curriculum of the B.A.M.S. Studies in India and is carried out by Mr. Syal Kumar, a state-registered Ayurveda specialist in internal medicine (Kayachikitsa) with a M.D. (Doctor of Medicin). The knowledge is conveyed calmly and in a concentrated form and as a student you should rework what you have heard and stay on the ball. The fundamentals, physiological understanding, pathology and over 140 main diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, hundreds of different drugs such as pressed juices, boilings, tablets, powders, oils etc. and their main components and their professional application according to the course of the disease and the patient's condition are taught. Most of this medicinal knowledge is not even published in Sanskrit or English. There is also an introduction to the various fields of Ayurtveda medicine. Overall, a very recommendable course, which made the basics of Ayurveda medicine understandable to me. In order to gain confidence in the practical work and the use of the medicines, it is very useful to do an internship in India following the training in Germany. This internship takes place in cooperation with a state-approved Ayurvedic teaching hospital in India. "
Mr. Klaus Czepan, alternative practitioner
Osteopathy as a manual method in the city. Karlsruhe Clinic